Jack & Jill

In the J&J you will be judged on your dancing and connection with various (and randomly allocated) partners. Enter as an individual and be judged as an individual. All levels are welcome to enter the J&J competition. Upon registering you will be required to nominate whether you will be competing as a lead or a follow. Leads and follows can be of any gender. You may only enter once. With each partner you will be asked to dance for 60-90 seconds. The BPM will range between 180 and 240.

The heats will be held on Friday evening at the Old Museum. In the heats each dance will be an “all-skate” with all couples on the floor. From the heats, the finalists and a reserve leader and a reserve follower will be selected. The finalists will be announced prior to the end of Friday evening.

The finals will be held on Saturday evening at the Old Museum. The BPM range will be between 180 and 240. The format of the finals may be “all skate” with everyone on the floor, or a spotlight with one or two couples on the floor. The format of the finals will be confirmed at the competitors meeting prior to the competition. Any finalist late or missing from the competitor meeting without prior notice to the competition co-ordinator will forfeit their place in the competition. In this event, or the event that someone is scratched, the reserve dancer will take their place. .

Trophies will be awarded to first place, and medallions to second and third places.

To enter the Jack and Jill competition please complete the competition entry form. No entry fee applies.

**** Places are limited and are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis ****

Australian Balboa Championships

Who has the slickest footwork in town? Which couples can hit that music like no other? Who will take the ultimate prize?

This competition is all about the partnership! Enter this competition as a couple. The couple can be of any gender combination. As a couple you will be judged on connection to the music, creativity, spontaneity, partnering, footwork, floor-craft, showmanship, and that magical X factor that makes is want more. That is – pretty much everything that makes Balboa and (Bal-)Swing so breathtaking!

What to expect:

BPM’s will range between 180 to 260 beats per minute. This competition will be danced to live music. The competition format will be:

  • All skate – This will be approx 120 seconds long. The first minute must be PURE BALBOA. After one minute there will be an announcement advising you to go into Bal-Swing
  • Spotlight – Each couple will enter and exit the floor jam style and dance for approx 30-45 seconds before the next couple is called on.
  • All skate – All couples will dance for 60 to 120 seconds – anything goes!

1st place in a ‘winner takes all’ format will receive $500 AND the Australian Balboa Champion’s Trophy.

To enter the Australian Balboa Championships please complete the competition entry form.
Cost: Absolutely free for those holding a Full Pass. A competition fee of $35 per person applies to anyone not holding a Full Pass. Your competition entry does not cover your entry fee to the event, and those people without a Full Pass or a Social Pass, will also need to pay an admittance fee to the Saturday evening.

**** Limited places available ****

Spirit of Balboa Award

Have you ever had a dance with someone who really looks after you on the social dance floor? Who created an amazing feeling within the dance? Who left you walking away from the dance with a huge smile on your face? Who made you feel like a better dancer just from dancing with them? Is there a social dancer you have been admiring from afar?

If you have a dance like this, or you have noticed someone doing these things – look for the box at the registration desk on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, to submit your anonymous nomination for the Spirit of Balboa Award.

Questions? Contact Us – Email us info@balboaaustralia.com – or hit us up on Facebook

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