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Balboa on the River are offering options to ensure as many people as possible can enjoy the event. Please read the Registration Information and if you have any further questions please get in touch.



Registrations for Balboa on the River 2017 are now closed.



Balboa on the River wouldn’t be possible without the volunteers who generously give their time before, during, and after the event. As the saying goes, many hands make light work. We need people who can set up, pack down and take door duty shifts. We can’t dance without music so if you are interested in DJing please let us know. Behind the scenes all year round, a small, dedicated and passionate group of Balboa dancers work hard to make this event the best it can be. Each year we try to make BOTR even better than the year before, if you think you can help us do that, we would love to hear from you.



Travelling to events like BOTR is exciting, you get to see new places, new faces and make new friends. But the costs add up especially if you attend multiple events throughout the year. One way local dancers can help non-local dancers attend each year is to offer hosting. In addition to helping keep the costs down for dancers who travel to Brisbane for BOTR, hosting is a wonderful way to make new friends, who chances are, will have a spot for you next time you attend an event in their home town. If you have the space for visitors, or would like to find a place to stay during the event, please register your interest with us, and we will do our best to match Hosts with Hostees.



Orders for this year’s exciting new T-Shirts are now closed. But never fear! If you have changed your mind and decided you just have to have one, a limited range will be available for purchase over the weekend.

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